Researcher (temporary) in Marine Biogeochemical Modelling

About the position

For 20 years the Nansen Centre has been building competence on modelling the marine biogeochemical cycles in the North Atlantic and Arctic.  Our model system, the TOPAZ system including HYCOM-ECOSMO is currently being used as the operational model in the Arctic within the Copernicus Marine Services as well as for a number of research projects on biogeochemical processes and model development, biogeochemical data assimilation and regional studies, including downscaling. 

Over the next few years, new features will be included in the operational biogeochemical forecast and reanalysis system. These include the addition of new phytoplankton functional types in the biogeochemical model, improved river forcing, and an update of the biogeochemical reanalysis.

We have an opening for a 2-year researcher position in the Ocean Modelling Group, connected to the Copernicus Arctic Marine forecasting project. The position can be extended if the project is prolonged.

The researcher’s primary task will be to develop the future operational version of HYCOM-ECOSMO, validate the model and analyse the model output. The researcher will also contribute to publications and participate in proposals.

The work will be performed in close collaboration with researchers at the Nansen Center. The researcher will be an active part of the research team, and also contribute to the two Horizon Europe project SEAMLESS and NECCTON. 

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