Victoria Miles

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Victoria Miles

Peer Review Publications and Books

23 total publications.


  1. Esau I, Miles V. Interaction between Society and Environment Reflected in Urban Climates. In: Urban sustainability in the Arctic: visions, contexts, and challenges. 2017.

Other Publications


  1. Miles V. Helheim outlet glacier interaction with the Sermilik Fjord on the East Greenland Coast [Internet]. World Climate Research Programme workshop on seasonal to multi-decadal predictability of polar climate. 2010;Available from:
  2. Johannessen OM, Korablev A, Miles V, Babiker M, Khvorostovsky K. Dynamic of tidewater glaciers in the Sermilik Fjord system and fjord-shelf interaction. In: Palaeoclimatology, oceanography and glaciology in the Helheim Glacier region WORKSHOP. GEOLOGICAL MUSEUM Øster Voldgade 5-7, 1350 Copenhagen K, March 25 and 26 - 2010: 2010.