Torill Hamre

Job Position: 
Research Leader/Senior Researcher
Research Group: 
+47 465 47 917

Peer Review Publications and Books

22 total publications.


  1. Johannessen OM, Sagen H, Hamre T, Hobæk HH, Hasselmann K, Maier-Reimer E, et al. Acoustic Monitoring of Ocean Climate in the Arctic (AMOC). In: Referee paper in "Operational oceanography - Implementation at the european and regional scales. proceedings of the 2nd EuroGOOS International Conference, Rome, 11-13 March, 1999. Elsevier Oceanography Series. 2002.


  1. Johannessen OM, Pettersson LH, Bjørgo E, Espedal H, Evensen G, Hamre T, et al. A review of the possible applications of satellite earth observation data within EuroGOOS. In: Operational Oceanography, The challenge for European co-operation, proceed. of the First Int. Conference on EuroGOOS 7. - 11. Oct. 1996,The Hague, The Netherlands. Elsevier Oceanogra. 1997. p. 192-205.
  2. Johannessen OM, Volkov AM, Grischenko VD, Bobylev L, Sandven S, Kloster K, et al. ICEWATCH - Ice SAR monitoring of the Northern Sea Route. In: Operational Oceanography. The challenge for European co-operation, proceedings of the First International Conference on EuroGOOS, 7. - 11. October, 1996. 1997. p. 224-233.

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