Tor I. Olaussen

Job Position: 
Scientific Software Developer
Research Group: 
+47 455 13 322

Peer Review Publications and Books

4 total publications.

Other Publications


  1. Pettersson LH, Johannessen OM, Olaussen TI. Ocean dynamics in the Nordic Seas using satellite altimetry. In: TOPEX/POSEIDON Science Investigations Plan, NASA Publication 1. 1991.


  1. Olaussen TI, Johannessen OM, Karpuz RM. Extraction of Sea Ice Information from SAR imagery. In proceedings from IGARSS ´89, Vancouver, Canada, July 10. - 14., 1989. 1989;1:394-399.
  2. Flesche H, Kloster K, Olaussen TI, Johannessen OM. Automatic estimation of ice kinematics using remote sensing data. In proceedings from IGARSS '89. Vancouver, Canada. 1989;2:1133-1136.
  3. Johannessen OM, Sandven S, Olaussen TI, Johannessen JA, Karpuz RM, Flesche H. The pre-ERS-1 Experiments MIZEX 87 and SIZEX 89. In proceedings from EARSeL Symposium, Espoo, Helsinki, Finland. 1989;
  4. Haugan PM, Skagseth Ø, Johannessen OM, Olaussen TI. Ice Forecasting in the Barents Sea using Remote sensing Assimilation Techniques. In proceedings from the International Conferences on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic contitions, Luleå, Sweden. 1989;