Timothy Williams

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+47 465 48 931
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Research interests

My main expertise is in applied mathematics, modelling water wave propagation in the presence of floating bodies (like ice sheets, for example). I have other interests in elasticity, wave propagation in random media, and mathematical techniques such as the Wiener-Hopf and residue calculus techniques. I am currently working on including the interactions between waves and sea ice in the new sea ice model neXtSIM that is being developed at NERSC.

Peer Review Publications and Books

29 total publications.


  1. Lemieux J-F, Bouillon S, Dupont F, Flato G, Losch M, Rampal P, et al. Sea Ice Physics and Modelling. In: Sea Ice Analysis and Forecasting - Towards an Increased Reliance on Automated Prediction Systems. 2017.


  1. Bennetts LG, Williams T. Water wave transmission by an array of floating disks. Proceedings of the Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences. 2015;471(2173).

Other Publications


  1. Williams T. Scattering of oblique ice-coupled waves by a pressure ridge. IAHR Symposium on Ice. 2004;1:227–234.