Stein Sandven

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Research Director
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Stein Sandven

Research interests

The research activities are mainly in the areas of remote sensing of sea ice and oceanographic processes including ocean acoustics.   In sea ice research data from different types of satellite sensors are used for studies of sea ice classification, drift, thickness and processes such as leads, polynyas and ridges. Validation of sea ice remote sensing data uses data from in situ observations. The research is focused on development of operational observing systems for the Arctic seas using both satellite, in situ, and underwater sensors.

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Peer Review Publications and Books

58 total publications.

Other Publications


  1. Sandven S. Sea ice observed from space. Proceedings from Eumetsat SAF Training Workshop, Ocean and Sea Ice, Perros-Guirec, France 30. Nov-2. Dec.1999. 1999;:120-131.
  2. Sandven S, Lundhaug M, Dalen Ø, Kloster K, Alexandrov V. Satellite observations of sea ice in the Bothnian Bay. Proceeding in Local Ice Cover Deformation and mesoscale Ice Dynamics, part 1: Final scientific report from the "Ice State" project funded by EU MAST III, 1999. 1999;:393.
  3. Alexandrov V, Sandven S, Lundhaug M, Dalen Ø, Bogdanov AA, Kloster K. Analysis of winter sea ice in the Kara Sea region using SAR data and field observations. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineeringunder Arctic Conditions, Helsinki, Finland August 23-27 1999. 1999;:181-190.
  4. Sandven S, Seina A, Grönvall H, Valeur HH, Steen AH. OSIMS - Operational Sea Ice Monitoring by Satellites in Europe. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineeringunder Arctic Conditions, Helsinki, Finland, August 23-27 1999. 1999;:508-517.
  5. Sandven S, Johannessen OM, Pettersson LH, Dalen Ø, Kloster K, Bobylev L, et al. The use of RADARSAT SAR Data in Ice Management and Planning of Russian Arctic Offshore Operations. Proceedings of 2nd ISOPE European Offshore Mechanics Symposium (ISOPE EUROMS-99), Moscow, Russia, June 7-9 1999 and in Proceedings of 9th Intern. Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE-99), Brest, France May 30-June 4 1999. 1999;
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  7. Bogdanov AA, Sandven S, Johannessen OM, Alexandrov V. Automatic Classification of RADARSAT SAR Images of the Northern Sea Route. In proceedings of IGARSS'99, Hamburg Germany, 28June-2July,1999. 1999;