Stein Sandven

Job Position: 
Research Director
+47 993 68 440
Stein Sandven

Research interests

The research activities are mainly in the areas of remote sensing of sea ice and oceanographic processes including ocean acoustics.   In sea ice research data from different types of satellite sensors are used for studies of sea ice classification, drift, thickness and processes such as leads, polynyas and ridges. Validation of sea ice remote sensing data uses data from in situ observations. The research is focused on development of operational observing systems for the Arctic seas using both satellite, in situ, and underwater sensors.

Peer Review Publications and Books

64 total publications.

Other Publications


  1. Bobylev LP, Volkov VA, Kudryavtsev VN, Pozdnyakov DV, Alexandrov VY, Zabolotskikh EV, et al. Methodologies and tools for analysis of satellite information for monitoring of natural conditions for support of industrial activity in the ice-covered and other seas. Advanced assessment methods of changing in geophysics, ecosystems and technological processes in study and natural resources development of the subarctic Okhotomor'e. 2011;


  1. Sagen H, Sandven S, Beszczynska-Möller A, Boebel O, Duda TF, Freitag L, et al. Acoustic technologies for observing the interior of the Arctic Ocean [Internet]. Ocean Obs´09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society. 2010;Available from: