Laurent Bertino

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Research Leader
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Research interests

My aim is to improve the stochastic framework for performing data assimilation, other interests include numerical ocean modelling (especially in the hybrid coordinates ocean model HYCOM) and statistics applied to environmental problems. My PhD has borrowed the method of "Gaussian anamorphosis" from the weaponry of geostatistics for further applications of sequential data assimilation into coupled physical-ecosystem models.

2001: PhD in geostatistics from the Ecole des Mines de Paris.

2002: Post-doc at NERSC

2003: Group leader for the Modeling and Data Assimilation group.

2004: Co-director of the Mohn-Sverdrup Center.

2010: Research Director at NERSC.


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Peer Review Publications and Books

102 total publications.


  1. Shah A, Bertino L, Counillon F, Gharamti ME, Xie J. Assimilation of semi-qualitative sea ice thickness data with the EnKF-SQ. Tellus. Series A, Dynamic meteorology and oceanography. 2019;72(1).

Other Publications


  1. Bertino L, Counillon F. Ocean
 forecasting [Internet]. World Climate Research Programme workshop on seasonal to multi-decadal predictability of polar climate. 2010;Available from:
  2. Milutinovic S, Bertino L. Assessment and Propagation of Uncertainties in Input Terms through the Vertically Generalized Productivity Model. COCOS Workshop on Combining Water Column Data with Sediment Trap and Satellite Observations for Improved Marine Carbon Export Estimates. 2010;