Lasse H. Pettersson

Job Position: 
Research Coordinator
+47 932 23 563
Lasse Pettersson Staff Picture

Research interests

Physical oceanographer with main research expertise within monitoring of harmful algae blooms, waters quality and marine ecosystem studies. Has lead the initiation and development of the operational research and applications of ocean colour satellite EO data for monitoring of algae blooms and water quality in coastal and marine waters.

He is Chairman of the board of Nansen Environmental Research Centre India (NERCI) in Cochin, India.


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Peer Review Publications and Books

58 total publications.


Other Publications


  1. Durand D, Pettersson LH, Skogen M, Svendsen E, Søiland H. Monitoring of the Chattonella bloom in the North Sea and the Skagerrak in May 1998. Proceeding of the25th EGS General Assembly, Nice, France, European Geophysical Society (on CD-rom) April 25-29, 2000. 2000;
  2. Pozdnyakov D, Lyaskovsky AV, Shuchman AV, Tanis F, Pettersson LH. Transspectral Effects: Implications for improvement of retrieval of inland and marine coastal water quality parameters from remote sensing data. Proceedings of 28th Int. Symposium on Remote Sensing of the Environment, Cape Town, South Africa, March 27-31 2000. 2000;
  3. Johannessen OM, Sandven S, Pettersson LH. Development of ice monitoring and forecasting in European Arctic. Proceedings from General Assembly EGS, Nice, France, April 25-29 2000. 2000;
  4. Pettersson LH, Sandven S, Dalen Ø, Melentyev VV, Babich N, Hamre T. Satellite ice monitoring for navigation of an ice-going tanker in the Kara Sea. Paper presented at EurOCEAN 2000, The European Conference on Marine Science and Ocean Technology, Hamburg, Germany Aug 29.-Sep 2. 2000. 2000;
  5. Pettersson LH, Durand D, Johannessen OM, Svendsen E, Søiland H, Regner P, et al. Satellite Observations and Model Predictions of Toxic Algae Blooms in Coastal Waters. the 28 Int. Symp. on Rem. Sens. of envir. Cape Town 27-31 Mar, in Proc. from General Ass. EGS Nice Apr 25-29, in Proc.of 6th Int. Confer.: Rem. Sens. for Marine and Coastal Environm. Charleston SC May 1-3, in Proc. of the Oceans from Space Venice. 2000;
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  7. Aure J, Danielsen DS, Skogen M, Svendsen E, Soiland H, Pettersson LH. Environmental conditions during teh Chatonella Bloom in the North Sea and Skagerak in May 1998. Proceedings from 9th Conference on Harmful Algae (HAB2000), Hobart, Tasmania, 7-11 February, 2000. 2000;
  8. Pettersson LH, Durand D, Noji T, Søiland H, Svendsen E, Groom S, et al. Satellite observations and forecasting can mitigate effects of toxic algae blooms. Proceedings of the 88th ICES Annual Science Conference, Brügge, Belgium, Int. Council for the Exploration of the Sea, ICES CM 2000/0:7, 2pp. 2000;