Lasse H. Pettersson

Job Position: 
Research Coordinator
+47 932 23 563
Lasse Pettersson Staff Picture

Research interests

Physical oceanographer with main research expertise within monitoring of harmful algae blooms, waters quality and marine ecosystem studies. Has lead the initiation and development of the operational research and applications of ocean colour satellite EO data for monitoring of algae blooms and water quality in coastal and marine waters.

He is Chairman of the board of Nansen Environmental Research Centre India (NERCI) in Cochin, India.


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Peer Review Publications and Books

58 total publications.


Other Publications


  1. Melentyev VV, Chernook VI, Pettersson LH. Integrated satellite airborne technology for monitoring ice cover parameters and ice-associated forms of seals in the Arctic. In: Integrated technologies for environmental monitoring and information products. NATO science series, Earth and Environmental Sciences. 2003. p. 211-226.