Knut Arild Lisæter

Job Position: 
Senior Researcher
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Other Publications


  1. Bertino L, Lisæter KA, Sagen H. The TOPAZ Arctic monitoring and prediction system. Proceedings of the DAMOCLES workshop: Current Problems for operational short range weather, ocean and sea ice forecasting in the Arctic - a user perspective. The Polar Environmental Centre, Tromsø, Norway. 2006;


  1. Bertino L, Lisæter KA, Counillon F, Keghouche I, Winther N, Parouty S. The TOPAZ monitoring and prediction system for the Atlantic. European Operational Oceanography: Present and Future, 4th EuroGOOS Conference, June 2005, Brest, France. 2005;:456-459.


  1. Johannessen OM, Lisæter KA, Drange H, Evensen G. Two decades of microwave satellite observation of Arctic Sea ice variability and trends. In Proceedings from the PORSEC confernce, Goa, India 5-8 December 2000. 2000;