Johnny A. Johannessen

Job Position: 
Research Coordinator
+47 932 49 414

Academic Degree:

Doctor in Satellite Oceanography, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway, 1997
Johnny Johannessen

Peer Review Publications and Books

64 total publications.

Other Publications


  1. Johannessen OM, Sandven S, Olaussen TI, Johannessen J, Karpuz RM, Flesche H. The pre-ERS-1 Experiments MIZEX 87 and SIZEX 89. In proceedings from EARSeL Symposium, Espoo, Helsinki, Finland. 1989;
  2. Johannessen J, Johannessen OM. Overview and highlights from NORCSEX ´88. A pre-launch ERS-1 experiment. In proceedings from IGARSS ´89, Vancouver, Canada, July 10. - 14. 1989;