Johnny A. Johannessen

Job Position: 
Research Coordinator
+47 932 49 414

Academic Degree:

Doctor in Satellite Oceanography, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway, 1997
Johnny Johannessen

Peer Review Publications and Books

64 total publications.


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Other Publications


  1. Johannessen J, Pettersson LH, Eldevik T, Durand D, Evensen G, Winther N, et al. Coastal Physical and Biochemical Processes [Internet]. In: Remote Sensing of the Marine Environment. 2006. p. 360. P. 179-196.Available from:
  2. Johannessen J, Kudryavtsev VN, Akimov DD, Eldevik T, Winther N. On radar imaging of mesoscale eddies and fronts. European Operational Oceanography: Present and Future. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on EuroGOOS. 2006;