Igor Ezau

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Senior Researcher
+47 473 99 690
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Peer Review Publications and Books

90 total publications.


  1. Outten S, Esau I. Extreme winds over Europe in the ENSEMBLES regional climate models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2013;13(10).

Other Publications


  1. Canuto VM, Cheng Y, Howard AM, Esau I. Stably Stratified Flows: A Model with No Ri(Cr)*. Journal of Atmospheric Sciences. 2008;65:2437-2447.
  2. Esau I. First results from coupled atmosphere-ocean large-eddy simulations. EGU General Assembly, 13-18 April, Vienna, Austria, /Geophysical Research Abstracts/, *10*, EGU2008-A-01784. 2008;
  3. Smirnov AA, Korablev A, Esau I. Relationships between heat flux components and mixed layer properties derived from OWS ?Mike? time series. EGU General Assembly, 13-18 April, Vienna, Austria, /Geophysical Research Abstracts/, *10*, EGU2008-A-0OOOO. 2008;
  4. Esau I. Planetary boundary layer feedback on the climate sensitivity: Estimations derived from large-eddy simulations. EGU General Assembly, 13-18 April, Vienna, Austria, /Geophysical Research Abstracts/, *10*, EGU2008-A-01467. 2008;
  5. Zilitinkevich S, Esau I. Similarity theory and parameterization of the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layers. 18th AMS Symposium on Boundary Layers and Turbulence, 9-13 June 2008, Stockholm, Sweden. Abstract: http://www.ametsoc.org/MEET/fainst/200818BLT.html. 2008;
  6. Zilitinkevich S, Elperin T, Kleeorin N, Rogachevskii I, Esau I, Mauritsen T, et al. Turbulent energetics in the stably stratified geophysical flows and the problem of critical Richardson number. International Conference Mesoscale Meteorology and Air Pollution in Commemoration of the Late Professor Lev Gutman and His Outstanding Contribution to Theoretical Mesometeorology, 15-17 September 2008, Odessa State Environmental University, Odessa, Ukra. 2008;
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  8. Alexeev VA, Esau I, Polyakov IV. Looking for remote air temperature signal in the Arctic. EGU General ASsembly, 13-18 April, Vienna, Austria, Geophysical Research Abstracts, 10, EGU2008-A-10967. 2008;


  1. Esau I. Convective feedback in climate change. International Conference on Computational Information Technologies for Environmental Sciences: CITES-2007, 20-25 July, Tomsk, Russia (The reviewed paper is to appear in "Russian Computational Technology"). 2007;
  2. Byrkjedal O, Esau I, Kvamstø NG. Sensitivity of simulated wintertime Arctic atmosphere to vertical resolution in the ARPEGE/IFS model. Open science conference Polar Dynamics: Monitoring, Understanding, and Prediction, August 29-31, Bergen, Norway. 2007;