Igor Ezau

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Research Director
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+47 473 99 690
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Peer Review Publications and Books

73 total publications.


  1. Esau I, Miles V, Kurchatova A. Surface urban heat islands in northern cities. Report Series in Aerosol Science. 2016;180.

Other Publications


  1. Esau I. Dårlig luft i Bergen [Internet]. Forskning.no. 2011;:Kronikk. Available from: http://www.forskning.no/artikler/2011/januar/275382


  1. Esau I. Numerical experiments with assimilation of the mean and unresolved meteorological conditions into large-eddy simulation model. MEGAPOLI "Emissions, urban, regional and Global Atmospheric POLlution and climate effects, and Integrated tools for assessment and mitigation" project [Internet]. 2010;Available from: http://arxiv.org/abs/1002.1632