Geir Evensen

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Research interests

Development and applications of ensemble-based data assimilation methods.


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Peer Review Publications and Books

58 total publications.


  1. Chang Y, Evensen G. An ensemble-based decision workflow for reservoir management. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering. 2022;217.

Other Publications


  1. Evensen G. Application of Ensemble Integrations for Predictability Studies and Data Assimilation. Monte Carlo Simulations in Oceanography, Proceedings, Aha Huliko a Hawaiian Winter Workshop. 1997;:11-22.
  2. Evensen G. Advanced data assimilation for strongly nonlinear dynamics. Monthly Weather Review. 1997;125:1342-1354.
  3. Johannessen OM, Pettersson LH, Bjørgo E, Espedal H, Evensen G, Hamre T, et al. A review of the possible applications of satellite earth observation data within EuroGOOS. In: Operational Oceanography, The challenge for European co-operation, proceed. of the First Int. Conference on EuroGOOS 7. - 11. Oct. 1996,The Hague, The Netherlands. Elsevier Oceanogra. 1997. p. 192-205.


  1. Evensen G, Fario N. Solving for the generalized inverse of the Lorenz model. Journal of the Meteorological Society, Japan. 1995;
  2. Eknes M, Evensen G. Parameter Estimation Solving a Weak Constraint Variational Problem. World Meteorological Organization , 2nd International Symposium on Assimilation of Observations in Meteorology and Oceanography. WMO/TD-no. 651, Tokyo, Japan, 13-17 Mar 1995. 1995;2.