Anton Korosov

Job Position: 
Senior Researcher
Research Group: 
+47 413 34 568
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Research interests

Senior researcher at the Sea Ice Modelling Group

  • Assimilation of sea ice deformation into neXtSIM (
  • Denoising Sentinel-1 SAR data (
  • Retrieval of sea ice drift from Sentinel-1 SAR data (
  • Retrieval of sea ice types from SAR data (
  • Development of the NANSAT software package ( for processing 2D satellite Earth observation data for easy development and testing of scientific algorithms, analysis and visualization of geospatial data and efficient operational processing.
  • Studying estuarine processes in Arctic and Equatorial rivers for estimation of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) fluxes, DOC dilution and degradation processes using optical (MODIS) and passive microwave (SMOS) satellite data on ocean color and sea surface salinity.
  • Development of the BOREALI algorithm for the retrieval of water quality parameters from the optical remote sensing data. The algorithm (realized in C++ and Python) applies the Levenberg – Marquardt multivariate optimization procedure and neural networks for retrieving the concentrations of chlorophyll–a, suspended minerals, dissolved organic carbon, coccoliths or other water constituents from input values of water leaving reflectance. The approach is based on a hydro-optical model, encompassing a set of spectral cross sections of inherent optical properties of water constituents. The algorithm can be applied in optically shallow waters if bathymetry is known.
  • Development of a near real time water quality monitoring system for a number of areas including the Nordic Seas, Waters of Central America, Black and Caspian Seas ( The system automatically downloads satellite data from ESA or NASA rolling archives. The obtained raw satellite images are reprojected; processed with the developed retrieval algorithms and visualized as JPG and PNG files via PHP-based interface.
  • Analysis of temporal dynamics of water quality in large lakes (Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Ladoga) with regard to river discharge dynamics, wind and mixing intensity, thermobar phenomenon, water pollution and man induced eutrophication.
  • Studying phytoplankton phenology in the Nordic Seas using remote sensing and modeling for identification of main driving physical factors and influence on higher trophic levels: zoo-plankton and fish larvae.

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Peer Review Publications and Books

56 total publications.

Other Publications


  1. Zakhvatkina NY, Alexandrov V, Korosov A, Johannessen OM. Sea ice classification from ENVISAT SAR images. Proceedings of the scientific papers of the 7th all-Russian annual conference “Contemporary problems of remote sensing of the Earth from space”. 2009;:pp. 373 - 379.
  2. Pettersson LH, Hamre T, Korosov A, Allen AR, Sputh BHC, Faust O. Integrated remote sensing and in situ monitoring for water risk management. 33rd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE). 2009;
  3. Morozov E, Korosov A, Pozdnyakov D. The potentials for bridging of SeaWiFS and MODIS ocean colour data on the Bay of Biscay. “ Radiation in the Atmosphere and Dynamics” (МСАРД-2009). 2009;
  4. Morozov E, Korosov A, Pozdnyakov D, Sychov VI. On the compatibility of SeaWiFS, MODIS and MERIS data on case II waters with the Bay of Biscay as an example. Abstracts of the 7th all-Russian annual conference “Contemporary problems of remote sensing of the Earth from space”. 2009;
  5. Zakhvatkina NY, Alexandrov V, Korosov A, Frolov IYe, Johannessen OM. Automated recognition of sea ice types from SAR images. Atmospheric radiation and dynamics (MSARD-2009). 2009;:pp. 25-26.


  1. Korosov A, Pettersson LH, Pozdnyakov D. Near Real-Time Algal Bloom and Water Quality Monitoring Services for the North Sea. (CD-ROM). the 3rd International Conference “The Earth from space: the most effective solutions”. 2007;