Scientific Publications

The peer review and book publications listed below are the key production from the Nansen Center. The goal is that each scientist should at least publish one peer review article per year.

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Latest Publications



Ali AOMA, Juliussen B-S, Kalisch H. Approximate conservation laws for an integrable boussinesq system. Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena. 2017;12(1).
Bocquet M, Carrassi A. Four-dimensional ensemble variational data assimilation and the unstable subspace. Tellus. Series A, Dynamic meteorology and oceanography. 2017;69(1).
Breili K, Simpson MJR, Nilsen JEØ. Observed sea-level changes along the Norwegian coast. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 2017;5(3:29).
Carrassi A, Bocquet M, Hannart A, Ghil M. Estimating model evidence using data assimilation. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 2017;143(703).
Cook JM, Hodson AJ, Taggart AJ, Mernild SH, Tranter M. A predictive model for the spectral "bioalbedo" of snow. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Earth Surface. 2017;122(1).
Dushaw B, Gaillard F, Terre T. Acoustic tomography in the Canary Basin: Meddies and tides. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Oceans. 2017;122(11).
Korosov A, Pozdnyakov D, Shuchman RA, Sayers M, Sawtell R, Moiseev A. BIO-OPTICAL RETRIEVAL ALGORITHM FOR THE OPTICALLY SHALLOW WATERS OF LAKE MICHIGAN. I.MODEL DESCRIPTION AND SENSITIVITY/ROBUSTNESS ASSESSMENT. Труды Карельского научного центра Российской академии наук. 2017;3.
Korosov A, Moiseev A, Shuchman RA, Pozdnyakov D. MODIS-AQUA AND SENTINEL-2 DATA FUSION: APPLICATION TO OPTICALLY SHALLOW WATERS OF LAKE MICHIGAN. Труды Карельского научного центра Российской академии наук. 2017;3.