Scientific Publications

The peer review and book publications listed below are the key production from the Nansen Center. The goal is that each scientist should at least publish one peer review article per year.

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Latest Publications


Craigmile PF, Guttorp P, Lund R, Smith RL, Thorne P, Arndt D. Warm streaks in the U.S. temperature record: What are the chances?. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Atmospheres. 2014;119(10).
Davy R, Esau I. Surface air temperature variability in global climate models. Atmospheric Science Letters. 2014;15(1).
Gao Y, Sun J, Li F, He S, Sandven S, Yan Q, Zhang Z, Lohmann K, Keenlyside N, Furevik T, et al. Arctic sea ice and Eurasian climate: A review. Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. 2014;32(1).
Heygster G, Marcus H, Ivanova N, Saldo R, Pedersen LT. Response of passive microwave sea ice concentration algorithms to thin ice. IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium proceedings. 2014.
Kudryavtsev V, Kozlov IE, Chapron B, Johannessen JA. Quad-polarization SAR features of ocean currents. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Oceans. 2014;119(9).
Olason E, Notz D. Drivers of variability in Arctic sea-ice drift speed. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR): Oceans. 2014;119(9).