The Nansen Center is a project oriented international research centre focusing on the basic research within marine environment and ocean forecasting, satellite remote sensing and climate studies and modelling. Our research is funded by projects granted through competitive calls by research councils, space agencies, EU, national and international government agencies, industry and private donations.

Some of our on-going research projects are listed below. The list is being populated with the most recent and on-going projects and later updated with other major completed research projects.

Ongoing Projects


  • The ArMOC project will provide new, fundamental knowledge about key oceanic processes for the Arctic overturning circulation and their sensitivity to climate change. ArMOC will accordingly lead to reduced uncertainties in projections of Arctic climate change and an improved understanding of the role of the Arctic Ocean in global ocean circulation changes.



  • HiAOOS will develop, implement, and validate several ocean observing technologies to improve data collection in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean. A network of multipurpose moorings will be deployed for two years in the deep Nansen and Amundsen Basins. 




  • Climate Dynamics and Prediction

    SKD-PARCIM is a strategic project at the Bjerknes Center for Climate Research (2022-2025) that combines novel model devellopements, improved paleoproxy observations, and understanding of multidecadal climate variability. Paleo-proxy observations will be used to produced an online climate reanalysis of the past milenium. They will also be used to mitigate long lasting model bias in climate models.


  • Climate Dynamics and Prediction

    Mechanism and prediction of the new Arctic climate system



Completed Projects




  • The KeyCLIM project set out to better understand, calculate and reduce the uncertainty related to climate change in Northern Latitudes, especially in the Arctic. The project group has assembled new model scenarios and data documenting large and partly irreversible climate changes in the north for the next 50-300 years.




  • Two sound sourcs in fixed moorings will transmit a signal which will be received on listen cables in 5 fixed moorings and four drifting drifting receivers hundreds of kilometers away from the sound sources. 

Marine Data i Arktis

  • Dette prosjektet skal lage en dynamisk oversikt over relevante observasjons-systemer, datasamlinger og dataforvaltningssystemerfor Arktiske hav-områder og dermed øke nytteverdien av innsamlede data.




  • The Nansen Legacy provides an integrated scien­tific knowledge base required for the sustainable management through the 21st century of the environment and marine resources of the Barents Sea and adjacent Arctic Basin.