NORMAP: Norwegian Satellite Earth Observation Database for Marine and Polar Research

Creating a data repository for Nordic and Arctic regions for Earth Observation data from polar orbiting satellites, serving research and application in marine, polar and climate sciences. 


The overall goal of the infrastructure project is to create a data repository, including a meta database, for Nordic and Arctic regions for Earth Observation data from polar orbiting satellites to facilitate and stimulate high quality and original multidisciplinary Earth System research and application in marine, polar and climate sciences.

Within the first two years the goals are to:

  • design and establish the technical framework for the data repository and implement this;
  • make available a set of selected quality controlled multidisciplinary scientific data products that will support air-sea-ice process studies, near real time applications and long time series for climate change purposes;
  • ensure interoperability with existing national and international data repositories.

In the longer run (3-6 years) the goals are to:

  • advance the effective use of satellite EO data by the scientific community so less time are spent searching and qualifying data giving more time to scientific studies and analyses;
  • maintain optimal quality through regular reprocessing of the satellite data  based on updated algorithms and data;
  • provide input to reliable boundary conditions for climate change predictions;
  • stimulate the use of satellite based EO data for assimilation in numerical models;
  • stimulate use of data for advanced process studies and modelling on air-sea-ice interaction
  • transition to a distributed Norwegian Centre for Earth Observation.

Project Summary

By 2020 Norway aims to be an internationally leading country in the integrated use of satellite Earth Observation data for: (i) research and application targeting the environmental, ecosystem and climate changes in the Nordic and Arctic regions, and (ii) knowledge based support to management and industry.

This NORMAP infrastructure project is targeting an important segment of satellite based Earth Observations (EO) in the Nordic and Arctic regions. Adopting an Earth System approach, the project will facilitate the systematic provision of reliable data to stimulate, strengthen and assist multidisciplinary environmental, ecosystem and climate research and application. This is also compliant with the Norwegian Government´s High North Strategy emphasizing the need for knowledge-based management of all interests in the Arctic region. 

Project Details
Funding Agency: 
Research Council of Norway
NERSC Principal Investigator: 
Johnny A. Johannessen
Project Deputy Leader at NERSC: 
Anton Korosov
Coordinating Institute: 
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Project Status: