iNcREASE: NoRthern European and Arctic Sea lEvel

InCREASE seeks to improve projections of future sea level in the North Sea and along the Norwegian coast


  • Improved projections of sea level in the North Sea, Norwegian, and Arctic coastal regions.
  • A better understanding of the effects of expansion and circulation on regional sea level from decadal to centennial time scales. In particular, the response to changing thermohaline circulation, Arctic sea ice, and Greenland Ice Sheet is of interest here.
  • Establishment of consolidated and continuous sea level research at BCCR, collaborating with internal sea level related projects, as well as increased cooperation outside, making BCCR capable of answering the demands of society for applied sea level projections
  • Publications and concerted public outreach regarding sea level, as well as directed info to society and policymakers.

Project Summary

Making regional sea level projections is a challenge, since in addition to the numerous local forcing elements, there are components forced from the open ocean onto the shelves and coasts that are largely unknown. Also, the two main components of sea level change, thermal expansion and global land-ice melt, have spatially varying imprints. The motivation for iNcREASE is three-fold: 1) To utilize the relevant inhouse capacity and 2) establish the necessary collaborations, in order for BCCR to 3) become a center providing regional projections of relative sea level for the North Sea, Norwegian, and Arctic coasts. This is in fully in line with the advise to SKD from its international Science Advisory Commitee.

Project Details
Funding Agency: 
Centre for Climate Dynamics - Research Council of Norway
Coordinating Institute: 
Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Project Status: