Climate Futures: Climate Futures

Our goal is to generate long-term cooperation between companies, public organizations and research groups across sectors  to tackle climate risk


The primary objective of Climate Futures is to co-produce new and innovative solutions for predicting and managing climate risks from 10 days to 10 years into the future with a cluster of partners in climate- and weather-sensitive sectors. Note that we will hereafter refer to the time horizon between 10 days and 10 years as ‘near-future’. Related technical terms are ‘sub-seasonal-to-seasonal’ (S2S) and ‘seasonal- to-decadal’ (S2D). 

Project Summary

Climate futures is a Centres for Research-based Innovation funded for 10 years by NFR and lead by NORCE (E. Kolstad).

Project Details
Climate Futures
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Research Council of Norway
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François Counillon
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