The Nansen Center is a project oriented international research centre focusing on the basic research within marine environment and ocean forecasting, satellite remote sensing and climate studies and modelling. Our research is funded by projects granted through competitive calls by research councils, space agencies, EU, national and international government agencies, industry and private donations.

Some of our on-going research projects are listed below. The list is being populated with the most recent and on-going projects and later updated with other major completed research projects.

Ongoing Projects


  • The Arktalas project aims to remove knowledge gaps and advance the insight and quantitative understanding of sea ice, ocean and atmosphere interactive processes and their mutual feedback





  • Climate Dynamics and Prediction, Polar Acoustics and Oceanography, Scientific Data Management

    During the MOSAiC drift, two sound sourcs in fixed moorings will transmit a signal which will be received on listen cables in 5 fixed moorings and four drifting drifting receivers hundreds of kilometers away from the sound sources. 

Marine Data i Arktis

  • Polar Acoustics and Oceanography, Scientific Data Management

    Dette prosjektet skal lage en dynamisk oversikt over relevante observasjons-systemer, datasamlinger og dataforvaltningssystemerfor Arktiske hav-områder og dermed øke nytteverdien av innsamlede data.


  • The aim of SFE is to develop a state-of-the-art operational seasonal climate prediction system for Northern Europe and the Arctic. 


  • Sea Ice Modelling

    The Nansen Legacy provides an integrated scien­tific knowledge base required for the sustainable management through the 21st century of the environment and marine resources of the Barents Sea and adjacent Arctic Basin.


  • Polar Acoustics and Oceanography, Scientific Data Management

    Useful Arctic Knowledge - Partnership for Research and Education funded by the INTPART program.


  • The project aims to implement analyses tools and decision support system for voyage optimization and to find the “best route” for a ship based on the marine weather forecasts, ship characteristics and cargo requirements.

Completed Projects





  •  Hovedmål er å støtte opp om EU-prosjektet INTAROS for  å utvikle et integrert multidisiplinært arktisk observasjonssystem ved å utvide, forbedre og sammenkoble eksisterende systemer i ulike deler av Arktis.



  • Sea ice age (SIA) is an indicator of changing sea ice state together with changing climate.