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Finance group

Knut Holba 1 Closed
Polar Acoustics and Oceanography

Take a leading role in the development, implementation and scientific use of a Pan Arctic Ocean Observing System

Hanne Sagen 7 Closed
Data Assimilation

The very best way to make a forecast out of a numerical model and a set of observations.

Alberto Carrassi 4 6 Closed
Scientific Data Management

Leveraging open standards for geospatial data and web services to provide virtual research environments to help scientists collaborate more easily

Torill Hamre 4 Closed
Ocean and Sea Ice Remote Sensing

Advancing research and monitoring of upper ocean processes and dynamics by synergetic use of satellite and in situ data

Morten Hansen 8 Closed
Climate Dynamics and Prediction

Our goal is to provide reliable climate prediction and advance the understanding of climate variability, predictability, and impacts.

Francois Counillon 2 13 Closed
Ocean Modeling

Performs research within modeling of physical ocean and marine ecosystem.

Annette Samuelsen 2 6 Closed
Sea Ice Modelling

We work on the physics of sea ice and its role in the polar climate system, combining numerical model developments and satellite remote sensing

Pierre Rampal 2 7 Closed
Mohn-Sverdrup Center for Global Ocean Studies and Operational Oceanography

Mohn-Sverdrup Center for Global Ocean Studies and Operational Oceanography

Johnny Johannessen 2 Closed
IT Group

IT Group

Lars-Gunnar Persson 121 3 Closed
Polar and Environmental Research

More will come...

Torill Hamre 1 3 Closed
GC Rieber Climate Institute

The key activities in the GC Rieber Climate Institute are numerical simulation of the past, present and possible future climate system.

Igor Ezau 3 1 Closed
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