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Finance group

Knut Holba 1 Closed
Polar Acoustics and Oceanography

Take a leading role in the development, implementation and scientific use of a Pan Arctic Ocean Observing System

Hanne Sagen 9 Closed
Data Assimilation

The very best way to make a forecast out of a numerical model and a set of observations.

Alberto Carrassi 4 7 Closed
Scientific Data Management

Leveraging open standards for geospatial data and web services to provide virtual research environments to help scientists collaborate more easily

Torill Hamre 5 Closed
Ocean and Sea Ice Remote Sensing

Advancing research and monitoring of upper ocean processes and dynamics by synergetic use of satellite and in situ data

Morten Hansen 10 Closed
Climate Dynamics and Prediction

Our goal is to provide reliable climate prediction and advance the understanding of climate variability, predictability, and impacts.

Francois Counillon 2 13 Closed
Ocean Modeling

Performs research within modeling of physical ocean and marine ecosystem.

Annette Samuelsen 21 7 Closed
Sea Ice Modelling

We work on the physics of sea ice and its role in the polar climate system, combining numerical model developments and satellite remote sensing

Pierre Rampal 2 5 Closed
Mohn-Sverdrup Center for Global Ocean Studies and Operational Oceanography

Mohn-Sverdrup Center for Global Ocean Studies and Operational Oceanography

Johnny Johannessen 2 Closed
IT Group

IT Group

Lars-Gunnar Persson 104 4 Closed
GC Rieber Climate Institute

The key activities in the GC Rieber Climate Institute are numerical simulation of the past, present and possible future climate system.

Igor Ezau 3 1 Closed
Polar and Environmental Research

More will come...

Torill Hamre 1 3 Closed
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