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PhD or Post-Doctoral vacancy in data assimilation

In the frame of the new Nordic Center of Excellence on Ensemble Based Monitoring and Forecasting of the Environment, the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) is opening one position in the modeling and data assimilation department of the Mohn-Sverdrup Center. The position is funded for a period of three years and in principle intended for a PhD candidate, but can be converted to a Post-Doc if there is no qualified PhD candidate available.

Nansensenteret kommer svært godt ut i sammenlikning av norske forskningsinstitutter

Norges forskningsråd har evaluert alle norske forskningsinstitutter som mottar offentlig basisbevilgning i rapporten

Indo-European workshop on Monsoon and ocean variability, Climate change & Sea level variations

The India-European workshop addressing the state of the art research on "Monsoon and ocean variability, Climate change & Sea level variations" gathers about 60 Indian and European scientists for three days at Bolgatty Palace in Kochi (India) from 11 – 13 November 2013. The workshop is being carried out under the auspices of EC-FP7 Inco-Lab project INDO-MARECLIM – The Indo-European research facilities for studies on Climate and Marine ecosystem in India.

The INDO-MareClim winter school 2013 focusing on climate change, marine ecosystem and coastal zone management

Young Indian and European scientists and students studies the interactions between climate change, marine ecosystem and coastal zone management during the one week long European Commission FP7 INDO-MareClim winter school in Cochin, India.

Havnivåstigning rammer norsk kystkultur

Forsker Jan Even Øie Nilsen ved Nansensenteret har gjort nye analyser for hvor høyt vannet kommer til å stå, både ved høyvann og stormflo, langs norskekysten i løpet av dette århundret. Havnivåstigningene er analysert sammen med kulturminnekunnskap. Konklusjonene er at mange av våre kulturminner langs kysten står i fare for å bli skadet av et økende havnivå utover i dette århundret.

Nansen Center scientist contributes to IPCC 5th Assessment Report: The observational evidence basis

The Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released today the Working Group 1 contribution to their Fifth Assessment Report in Stockholm. Nansen Center Senior Scientist Peter Thorne’s has through his publications and scientific capacity contributed as a Lead Author to the IPCC WG1 report. Dr.

Forskningsdagene: Hav og himmel i bevegelse

Nansensenteret på Forskningstorget.Nansensenteret på Forskningstorget.Nansensenteret deltar på Forskningstorget under Forskningsdagene i Bergen. I vår forskning benytter vi oss av målinger, observasjoner, satellitt fjernmåling og numeriske hav- og atmosfæremodeller til studier av miljøet og klimaet på jorda. Besøk vår "stasjon" på fredag og lørdag på Festplassen og lær mer om vår forskning og møte våre forskere.

50% økning i minimums isareal i Arktis

Nansensenterets Europeiske is-informasjonssystem Arctic-ROOS observerer årsminimum for sjøisarealet i Arktis på 4,588 millioner kvadratkilometer den 11. september. Isarealet i år er ca 50% større enn den absolutte minimumsrekorden som ble rapportert for ett år siden i 2012 da arealet var rekord lite med 2,97 millioner km2.

Nansen Zhu Centre in Beijing 10 years - Special AOSL issue publication

The NZC inauguration in 2003.The NZC inauguration in 2003.The Nansen-Zhu International Research Center (NZC) at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was established on 3 November 2003 on the initiative of Prof. Huijun Wang, IAP/CAS and Prof. Ola M. Johannessen, Nansen Center (NERSC), Bergen. Norway.

New papers on wave-ice interactions in the Marginal Ice Zone.

You probably knew that the sea ice attenuates the propagation of waves. You may also have heard that waves are able to break mechanically the sea ice into smalle floes. But you may not know that these combined effects can be incorporated into realistic numerical models, nor how. If indeed you are living in such shameful ignorance, rejoice! Williams et al.

Prof. Stein Sandven - the new Managing Director of the Nansen Center

Manging Director Stein SandvenManging Director Stein SandvenThe Board of the Nansen Center has in its meeting today unanimously appointed Prof. Stein Sandven as the new Managing Director of the Center. Sandven has been employed at the Nansen Center since its foundation in 1986 and has among others held the positions as leading scientist, research director and managing director.

Nansen Group Annual Reports for 2012

The annual reports for 2012 for the Nansen Centers are published and available on the web.

The annual reports are available under the below links:

Summer school announcement; “Shipping in Arctic Water”

 The NVP-Nansen summer school 2013 “Shipping in Arctic Water: The interaction of sea ice, ship technology, climate change, economy and other operational conditions” will be organized in Longyearbyen at Svalbard from 18th to 26th August. 32 international graduate & postgraduate students are selected to participate. The final program for the summer school is attached here to.


Spring Arctic Sea Ice impacting the East Asia summer precipitation

The paper Mechanism on how the spring Arctic sea ice impacts the East Asian summer monsoon has been published in Theoretical and Applied Climatology jointly between scientists at the Nansen-Zhu International Research Center in Beijing, the Nansen Center in Bergen and the Bjerknes Centre.

MoU signed with Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS)

Signature of MoU with KUFOS, March 16, 2013.Signature of MoU with KUFOS, March 16, 2013.A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) and Nansen Environmental Research Centre India, Nansen Scientific Society, and Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre, Bergen, Norway on the final day of India-EU workshop on Marine Primary Production organised under the EU-FP7 Indo-MareClim project.

India-EU workshop on MARINE PRIMARY PRODUCTION hosted by the Nansen Centre in Cochin

India-EU workshop on Marine Primary Production jointly organized by Nansen Environmental Research Centre (India) (NERCI) and Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) is inaugurated at KUFOS Auditorium, Panangad, Kochi, India. This workshop is under the auspices of INDO-MARECLIM “Indo-European Research Facilities for studies on marine ecosystems and climate in India”, a European Union FP-7 project coordinated by NERCI.

Variations in climate change due to atmospheric heat capacity

The surface air temperature trends and variability as a function of boundary layer depth. See the publication for further explanation. See the publication for further explanation.The surface air temperature trends and variability as a function of boundary layer depth. See the publication for further explanation. See the publication for further explanation.Drs.

Helsefarlig luftforurensning på Danmarksplass i ettermiddag

Stille og klart vær - Bergen har ført til sterk luftforurensing under ettermiddagsrushet i dag. Forurensningen har vært høy hele dagen, men har nå passert grensen for helsefare. 


Pierre Rampal laureate of "le prix de La Recherche"

Dr. Pierre Rampal receives the "le Prix de La Recherche"  in Paris.Dr. Pierre Rampal receives the "le Prix de La Recherche" in Paris.Nansen Center scientist Dr. Pierre Rampal has received on Tuesday 23rd October in Paris "le Prix de La Recherche" (9th edition) in the category Environment, for his article published in 2011 in Journal of Geophysical Research: