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Sea ice and waves in the Arctic: Modelling important interactions

Our Sea Ice Modelling group members Guillaume Boutin, Timothy Williams, Einar Ólason, and Pierre Rampal (NERSC & CNRS) recently published an article together with Camille Lique (IFREMER, Brest, France). They coupled the sea ice model neXtSIM to a wave model and present exciting results!

Obituary for Prof. Sergej Zilitinkevich

Sergej Zilitinkevich: Photo by Igor EsauSergej Zilitinkevich: Photo by Igor Esau

A prominent scientist, research coordinator, supervisor and just a friend for many of us, Professor Sergej Zilitinkevich passed away on Monday, February 15, 2021.

Forecasting sea ice trajectories in the Arctic

While the drifting of sea ice in the Arctic has been subject of many studies, this new publication by Sukun Cheng, Laurent Bertino (both NERSC), Pierre Rampal (Université Grenoble Alpes and NERSC) and others, is adding valuable findings to forecasting drift trajectories.


Correcting biases in NorCPM for the tropical Atlantic with an innovative approach

Several of our Climate Dynamics and Prediction researchers just published a new article in Climate Dynamics, under the lead of François Counillon (NERSC). They showed how reducing model biases can improve seasonal prediction for the tropical Atlantic Ocean.


Intertropical Convergence Zone limits climate predictions in the tropical Atlantic

New findings on the Atlantic El Niño - Noel Keenlyside (NERSC, UiB/GFI, BCCR) co-author on study published in Nature Communications 

Press release by GEOMAR - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel - 

Professor Tore Furevik appointed as Managing Director for the Nansen Center

After a thorough recruitment process this past autumn, we are happy to announce that a new Director is appointed.

The Ocean Panel: Give it 100%

14 world leaders, among them Erna Solberg, have committed to managing 100% of the national waters sustainably.

This initiative is the “Ocean Panel” (High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy). Their aims are to protect the ocean, and to solve global challenges. A healthy ocean is crucial for our wellbeing: Human and planetary health depend on it, climate and food security are tied to it, and both local jobs and the global economy rely upon it.

New book co-authored by NERSC researchers with ARCPATH project

This month, the book “Nordic Perspectives on the Responsible Development of the Arctic: Pathways to Action” was published, and two chapters have significant contributions from some of our researchers that are active in the ARCPATH project.

Modelling sea ice in the Arctic: The Nansen Center’s contribution to the Nansen Legacy project

Following the annual meeting for the Nansen Legacy project, which the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center is a partner of, we want to present our research contributing to the project. NERSC provides a sea ice model to the project, which has important implications.


New article on Greenland air temperature variability

Former NERSC director Sebastian H. Mernild co-authored an article in the International Journal of Climatorlogy, titled “The role of blocking circulation and emerging open water feedbacks on Greenland cold‐season air temperature variability over the last century”.


Sebastian H. Mernild: Photo: NERSCSebastian H. Mernild: Photo: NERSC

All moorings in the Beaufort Sea rescued – under extreme conditions

The mission to rescue moorings in the Beaufort Sea that had to be planned on short notice, has succeeded! All three moorings hold scientific instruments and data recorded for the CAATEX project since September 2019. They have been picked up by Hanne Sagen, her team, and the KV Svalbard crew under extremely harsh Arctic conditions.


New “Young Research Talents” project led by NERSC started in October: CoRea!

CoRea stands for “Coupled reanalysis of the climate back to 1850”. This project is led by Yiguo Wang from the Climate Dynamics and Prediction group. It is his first time leading a research project himself: Congratulations, Yiguo!


On Thursday the 15th of October, the CoRea members met in Bergen – and online – to kick off the project. CoRea will run over the course of three years, and it has national and international partners.

New article on the Arctic surface climate in CMIP6

Richard Davy and Stephen Outten (NERSC) published an article in the Journal of Climate, titled “The Arctic Surface Climate in CMIP6: Status and Developments since CMIP5”. Their work shows how phase 6 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) has improved from phase 5, with regard to the representation of Arctic climate in the models used in CMIP.


More funding for the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

The Nansen Center is one of the four partners in the collaboration “Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research”. In October, the Ministry of Education and Research allocated funding for the Bjerknes Centre for another five years, until 2026!


Rescuing important ocean climate observations for the Coordinated Arctic Acoustic Thermometry Experiment (CAATEX)

Once again, the ice breaker KV Svalbard has set course for the Arctic Ocean. Onboard are NERSC researchers Hanne Sagen and Espen Storheim who plan to retrieve equipment from the CAATEX-project to prevent data loss. This mission was planned on short notice – exceptional circumstances made it necessary. 


Gratulerer med dagen, Fridtjof Nansen! His research inspires sea ice modelling today

159 years ago today, a legend was born: Fridtjof Nansen, a man who was not afraid to risk his life to prove that sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is drifting. His legacy lives on today, for example through the work we do at the Nansen Center in the Sea Ice Modelling group, which is connected to the Nansen Legacy project. I, Guillaume Boutin, want to take you on a journey to the Arctic and tell you about how Fridtjof Nansen’s research still inspires our research today.


Former MSc student Michael Hart-Davis wins S2A3 Masters Medal this year

During his MSc studies in South Africa, Michael Hart-Davis spent time at the Nansen Center in Bergen and was co-supervised by Björn Backeberg, Mostafa Bakhoday-Paskyabi  and Johnny A. Johannessen from NERSC and Juliet Hermes from SAEON, South Africa. His time in Bergen proved to be extremely beneficial and resulted in several international collaborations and publications and we congratulate Michael on this prestigious award!


Podcast with Igor Ezau – Heatwaves, the weather that can kill thousands in developed countries

Stephen Outten and Ingjald Pilskog host the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research podcast and recently talked to Igor Ezau about heatwaves and their dangers. Don’t miss this episode!


Float Your Boat: Får skoleelever med i arktisk klimaforskning

Fridtjof Nansen lot polarskuta «Fram» fryse inn i pakkisen i Arktis for 127 år siden for å bevise hvordan havisen driver over Polhavet. I dag tjener mer enn 400 små håndmalte trebåter samme formål og driver gjennom Arktis på et isflak akkurat nå.


Hvem malte disse små trebåtene, og hvorfor er de der ute?

Båter fra Gjesdal Ungdomsskole: Foto: Asbjørn HjørnevikBåter fra Gjesdal Ungdomsskole: Foto: Asbjørn Hjørnevik

Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic Mountain Glaciers get attention in new book

The Nansen Center Director, Sebastian H. Mernild, co-authored a chapter on the Greenland Ice Sheet and Arctic Mountain Glaciers in the recently published book “Arctic Hydrology, Permafrost and Ecosystems”. 


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