"White Sea - its marine environment and ecosystem dynamics influenced by global change" published by Springer-Praxis

Spinger-Praxis has just released the book "White Sea - its marine environment and ecosystem dynamics influenced by global change" by Nikolai Filatov, Dmitry Pozdnyakov, Ola M. Johannessen, Lasse H. Pettersson and Leonid P. Bobylev. The book is No. 3 in the Nansen Centers Polar Series and published with major contributions from the Nansen Centers in St. Petersburg and Bergen. It includes the results from several EC, INTAS and Research Council of Norway projects and grants.

WHITE SEA: Its Marine Environment and Ecosystem Dynamics Influenced by Global Change brings together the results of a wide range of environmental, ecological and socioeconomic studies based on extensive data analysis and numerical modelling simulations. It provides a quantitative assessment of the vulnerability of the White Sea marine ecosystems, including scenarios for future anthropogenic and climate change forcing.

Amongst the subjects explored in depth are:
• extensive historical marine and riverine data records
• an examination of the White Sea ecosystem profile
• the application of satellite Earth observation investigations into
• changes in regional physical oceanography and marine ecology
• challenges of data assimilation in ocean and ecosystem modelling
• the extent of the present state-of-the-art and future developments in the region
• socio-economic impact of ecological changes
• an integrated assessment of the state of the ecology, vulnerability and sustainability of the White Sea

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