Two Nansen Fellowship Ph.D. dissertations in Saint Petersburg

Dr. Natalia Ivanova has successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation “Radar sounding of sea water pollution: theoretical modeling and practical applications”. The dissertation took place at the RosHydrometeorological University in Saint Petersburg on July 19. All the 26 members of the scientific evaluation committee unanimously approved her high quality research work that has been performed at the Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (NIERSC).

Her studies include improvement of a radar imaging model (RIM) for windy sea surface in presence of natural and anthropogenic spills and slicks. The RIM model has also been extended for radar backscatter under fetch limited conditions such as in ice-covered waters. These theoretical studies have practical applications for classifying spills of different origin as well as for retrieving the thickness of oil spills using satellite radar data.
Her supervisors have been Prof. Vladimir N. Kudryavtsev from NIERSC and Prof. Ola M. Johannessen from NERSC and Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen.

On May 29. Dr. Alexei Chaika defended successfully his Nansen Fellowship Ph.D. dissertation at the Department of Physics at the St. Petersburg State University. His Ph.D. research is on the microstructure of stratospheric aerosol using SAGE III satellite measurements. 12 of the 13 evaluation committee members approved his research work and the dissertation. His supervisors have been Prof. Yuri Timofeev and Prof. Hartmut Grassl from the Max Plank Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.

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