Russian-Norwegian book on remote sensing of sea ice the Northern Sea Route published in Russian translation

In 1933 the Soviet Union started systematic studies and use of the Northern Sea Route (NRS) as a maritime route of transportation. The NRS has during the last 75 years had a major impact on the national ship transportation in Russia and other activities along the Siberian coast, but secure and efficient operations require great demands. Since 1991 the NSR has also been of interest to international shipping and offshore.

The Russian research center ”Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI)” and “The Non-commercial Partnership for the Coordination of Northern Sea Route Usages” hosted a conference in connection with the 75 years jubilee of the NSR in St. Petersburg on 21. - 22. February 2008. About 400 Russian and international Arctic experts, navigators, authorities, scientists and other stakeholders were gathered at the conference.

The Nansen Centers in Bergen and St. Petersburg have during the last 15 years, in cooperation with several other Russian partners, contributed with ice monitoring and information in support of ship’s navigation and other operations in the NRS by using satellite data and numerical ice forecasting models.

In co-operation between AARI, several Russian ice-experts and the two Nansen Centers the book “Remote Sensing of Sea Ice on the Northern Sea Route” was published by Springer-Praxis in 2007. The book includes the Russian and Norwegian expertise within sea ice monitoring and forecasting in the Northern Sea Route. This kind of information are used to navigate Russian atomic icebreakers and other merchant vessels in the NSR. In the future sea ice monitoring and forecasting services will become increasingly important for the off-shore oil and gas activities in the Barents Sea and along the coast of Siberia.

In connection with the 75 year anniversary conference the Director of AARI Dr. Ivan Ye. Frolov and Prof. Ola M. Johannessen of the Nansen Centers presented and released the Russian translation of the book on remote sensing of sea ice in Northern Sea Route.

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