Research school on supporting the development of sustainable smart cities

A research school tied to the URSA-MAJOR project will be happening in November. URSA-MAJOR stands for “Urban Sustainability in Action: Multi-disciplinary Approach through Jointly Organised Research Schools”. The project integrates research advances into a holistic educational programme for future stakeholders of Smart Cities. It focuses on the regions of amplified climate change where urban areas are in urgent need to improve their sustainability and resilience. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway and coordinated by the Nansen Center. It has partners in Norway, Germany, the USA, and India. 

Young scientists wanting to learn about urban societal, environmental, and computational sciences can now apply for a research school to advance their knowledge. The topic is “Socio-Environmental Interactions in Sustainable Smart Cities”.

You will find more information and the registration form here:

Researchers from the Nansen Center and partner institutions in the project will be teaching 20 to 30 participants from advanced BSc to Postdoc level. The successful applicants will receive research tasks online, and then they will be spending a few days on Sommarøya near Tromsø in November to learn about urban system research, climate modelling with high resolution, observations, and data analysis. The aim is to introduce young researchers to these tools to support the sustainable development in smart cities. The research school will consist of both lectures and practical exercises in group work, rewarding the participants with ECTS after completion.

Poor air quality is part of the pollution within cities. Photo: Tobias WolfPoor air quality is part of the pollution within cities. Photo: Tobias Wolf

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