Professor Tore Furevik appointed as Managing Director for the Nansen Center

After a thorough recruitment process this past autumn, we are happy to announce that a new Director is appointed.

“I am both pleased and proud to announce that we have succeeded in recruiting Professor Tore Furevik to the position as Managing Director for the Nansen Center ”, says chairman of the Board Robert Bjerknes. Furevik will be starting in his new position on the 1st of July 2021. “With his highly relevant scientific background and management experience, we are confident that Tore will be a Director who will further develop the Center, taking advantage of the scientific and societal possibilities and future needs for knowledge generated by the researchers at the Nansen Center”, Bjerknes continues.

Professor Tore Furevik. Photo: BjerknessenteretProfessor Tore Furevik. Photo: BjerknessenteretTore Furevik is no stranger to Bergen: His university education has taken place almost exclusively at the Geophysical Institute (GFI) at the University of Bergen (UiB), starting in 1990. His passion for physical oceanography is the “red thread” throughout his past 30 years. For a 2-year period, he occupied a Postdoc position shared between the GFI and the Nansen Center, before going on to become an associate professor and finally full professor in oceanography in 2005. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in leadership. He was the Leader of the Centre for Climate Dynamics at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, and since 2014, he has been holding the position as Director of the Bjerknes Centre. In 2018, he has been appointed as the Climate Director at UiB as part of UiB’s Climate and Energy Transition initiative. In these leadership positions, he has taken an active role in supporting early career researchers and establishing international partnership programs.

Scientifically, Furevik is a great fit for the Nansen Center: His research focus lies on climate variability and climate change, mainly in the North Atlantic, the Nordic Seas, and the Arctic. Furevik’s research concentrates on climate modeling, large-scale variability in atmosphere and ocean, air-sea-ice interactions, and teleconnections.

“Even before I started on my studies, I had the opportunity to visit both the Arctic and Antarctica. This sparked my interest for the polar regions, the history and the climate. Throughout my research career, I have particularly been intrigued by the large variations we find in the ocean, and how these relate to the changes we see in atmosphere and sea ice locally, with climate elsewhere, and with global warming. The Nansen Center is nationally and internationally leading in its pursuit to find the answers to these questions, and I really look forward to the many scientific results that the Centre will produce in the years to come”, says Tore Furevik, the future director.

Professionally, his excellent leadership skills honed throughout his career, will be of great benefit to the Nansen Center. Furevik also has a great reputation as an outstanding communicator: Just a few weeks ago he was awarded the annual dissemination price by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at UiB for his exceptional efforts in communicating climate research. “We are also convinced that Tore’s large network and visibility in the climate and environmental debate will strengthen the Nansen Center’s position in national and international fora in the years to come”, Bjerknes adds.

Furevik says, “I think that I have never been more motivated for a job. This is not only because my scientific interest fits very well with the Centre’s, but also because I see a huge potential for the Centre to be a more visible player on the national scene, and to take a more active part in Norway’s and Europe’s journeys towards a green and climate resilient future. The latter requires that the Nansen Centre will be a preferred research partner for many of the public and private institutions and companies around us, and we should work towards this being the case.”

We are looking forward to having Tore Furevik start as our new Director on the 1st of July: Welcome!

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