Polish medal awarded to director Stein Sandven

Prof. Stein Sandven receives the medal of 60th anniversary of IOPAS  from Prof. Stanislaw Massel, chairman of the IOPAS Scientific Council.Prof. Stein Sandven receives the medal of 60th anniversary of IOPAS from Prof. Stanislaw Massel, chairman of the IOPAS Scientific Council.Managing director Professor Stein Sandven was awarded the Medal of the 60th anniversary of the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAN) in Sopot, Poland. The medal was handed over by the Prof. Stanislaw Massel, chairman of the IOPAN Scientific Council, during the XI Annual Conference of the Institute of Oceanology, which focused on Theoretical and practical aspects of research in the marine environment.

The medal was awarded to Prof. Sandven in recognition of his efforts in development of research activities in the Arctic and in particular the cooperation between Polish and Norwegian scientists. The medal has been issued in a small number of copies, on the occasion of the anniversary celebration and is granted to the closest international collaborators of IOPAN. Following the award ceremony Stein Sandven was invited to give a guest lecture on Sea ice and climate research in the Arctic using satellite data. Chairman of the conference was Director of IOPAN Prof. Janusz Pempkowiak. Present was among other were also HE Karsten Klepsvik - the Norwegian Ambassador to Poland and HE Jakub T. Wolski - the Polish Ambassador on the legal status of the Arctic and Antarctic and former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

IOPAN has since the beginning of 1990s been a close collaborator to Nansen Center in several international, EU, bilateral and national research projects such as in the more recent projects FP7 DAMOCLES, FP7 ACOBAR, Polish-Norwegian Research fund AWAKE and PAVE, and Research Council of Norway UNDER-ICE.

IOPAN was established in 1951. With nearly 200 employees IOPAS is the largest institute of marine sciences in Poland. IOPAN has five research departments: Marine Chemistry and Biochemistry, Marine Physics, Physical Oceanography, Marine Ecology, Genetics and Marine Biotechnology. The research foci of IOPAN research activity are the Baltic Sea and the Nordic Seas. One of four IOPAN strategic research directions is ‘The role of the oceans in climate change and its effects on European seas’. Under this research topic extensive field campaigns in the Nordic Seas, Fram Strait and Svalbard fjords has been conducted by IOPAN every summer since 1987. IOPAS operates its own research vessel RV "Oceania", which is well suited for field operations in the sub-polar seas and arctic fjords.