New Research Director appointed at The G.C. Rieber Climate Institute

Dr. Igor Esau is appointed the research director of the G.C. Rieber Climate Research Institute at the Nansen Centre.

Dr. Esau got his Diploma in meteorology with honors degree at Tomsk State University, Russia in 1992. He holds two Ph.D. degrees, respectively in mathematics and physics - with applications to climatology - from Institute for Numerical Mathematics, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia in 1996 and in meteorology - planetary boundary layer - from Department of Geosciences, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden obtained in 2003.

His scientific interest and expertise includes environmental turbulence-resolving modeling, planetary boundary layers; turbulence parameterizations, control, self-organization and impact on climate. He has published 26 peer-review publications and 70 conference proceedings. His three most cited publications are Beare et al. (Boundary Layer Meteorology, 118, 2006), cited 61 times, Zilitinkevich and Esau (QJRMS, 129, 2003), cited 38 times and Esau (Env. Fluid Mech., 4, 2004), cited 34 times. He is currently principal investigator of three research projects and co-WP leader of several national and EU research projects.

Dr. Esau was born in Omsk, Russia in 1969 and has been a scientist at the Nansen Center since April 2003.

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