New course on data assimilation for BsC and MsC students at Dept. of Mathematics (University of Bergen). September-November 2017

NERSC scientists Laurent BertinoAlberto CarrassiGeir Evensen and Patrick Raanes are lecturing the new course on Data Assimilation. 

Data Assimilation designates all the techniques that can incorporate measurements into a numerical model in order to improve its predictions. Data assimilation has been the key behind the skillful weather predictions services and is also used in operational oceanography, climate predictions and reservoir history matching among other applications. The course will go through the theoretical background underpinning modern data assimilation techniques. The focus will be on probabilistic methods such as the Kalman Filter and its extensions for non-linear systems (The Ensemble Kalman Filter). The necessary notions of spatial-temporal statistics and system dynamics will be introduced. The course will also complement the students with an introduction to dynamical systems concepts and tools and on the problem of designing efficient data assimilation for chaotic dynamics such as the weather and climate. 

The course lasts 44hrs and is hosted at NERSC premises. 

Full information can be found here

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