New content and design of Algae Bloom and Water Quality Monitoring Service

The Nansen Center has redesigned its web-site for satellite Earth observation data on algae bloom and water quality information for the North Sea and Skagerrak region. The service is a part of the ESA GMES MarCoast Services Network - .

Our new front access shows the daily updated satellite image of the MERIS chlorophyll-a distribution (standard ESA algal-1 product) and sea surface temperature (MODIS SST). In addition average composites of the last seven days are made in order to reduce the impact of cloud cover in our waters. The image shows the chlorophyll-a distribution for the period 10. to 17. February 2006. Assessment reports about the algae bloom situations will also be posted on the site.

In the archive layers ("2006 Archives") also other satellite based data products are available using our regional developed algorithm for retrieval of chlorophyll-a (chl-a), sediments (sm) and dissolved organic compounds (DOC) as well as the additional standard ESA products for the same parameters. These data will be used to assess the quality of the various products and to then select those to be posted up front at the service site in the future. As a curiosity the data are also accessible in Earth Google format, but requires Google Earth installed on your PC (do not work with all browsers).

Extensive use of this information about the algae bloom and water quality in the North Sea and Norwegian coastal waters, may help in early detection of potential harmful algae blooms in our coastal waters.

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