Nansen winter school 2010 was opened in India

The Nansen Winter School 2010 was opened to day in Cherai in Kerala. 48 Indian Ph.D. students are gathered and during the next five days they will learn more about the Indian Ocean: Challenges in Meteorology and Oceanography. 19 lecturers from India, Norway, France and UK will during the winter school address key research topics related to the monsoon system, the Indian ocean circulation and modelling, sea level change, algal blooms and remote sensing.

To days inauguration ceremony included a welcome address from Director Ajith K. Joseph, director of the Nansen Research Centre – India (NERCI) that is the organizer and host of the winter school.

Prof. Ola M. Johannessen, Director of the Nansen Group and President of the Nansen Scientific Society that is funding the winter school, made the link between the pioneering oceanographic research made by Dr. Fridtjof Nansen and the current research challenges in the Indian Ocean of today.

Dr. N. Chandramohanakumar, Registrar at Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) gave the inaugural address emphasizing the regional focus of the workshop studying the Indian Ocean, however with a highly relevance to the global change processes. He concluded his address with the importance of scientific cooperation in order to improve our understanding of the Earth system.

Approved by the Syndicate of CUSAT a renewal of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) from 2002, was renewed and signed by Dr. N. Chandramohanakumar from CUSAT, Rector Sigmund Grønmo, University of Bergen (in absence), Prof. Ola M. Johannessen, Nansen Environmental Research Center, Bergen, Norway and Dr. Ajith K. Joseph of NERCI. The MoU will support the continued research and educational cooperation between parties, including support to and exchange of students and scientists.

Captain Dr. D. Vijayakumar, Director of the Indian Naval Operational Data Processing and Analysis Center gave a comprehensive keynote presentation addressing the state of the art in “Nowcasting to Forecasting – Needs and challenges in the Indian Ocean”.

After the opening session Dr. M. Rajeevan from the National Atmospheric Research Laboratory in Tiruparti gave a comprehensive overview of the Indian Monsoon system setting the agenda for the rest of the school.

Sea level changes in the Indian Ocean was addressed by Dr. A.S. Unnikrishnan of National Institute in Goa and followed by Prof. Ola M Johannessen addressing the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and its potential impact on the global sea level.

The first day was concluded by a presentation by Prof. N.R. Menon, NERCI and CUSAT addressing algal blooms in the Indian seas.

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