Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center - 20 years in Science

On November 28. 1986 the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center were founded by the “scientific Foundation at the University of Bergen”, G.C. Rieber AS and Tenneco Oil Inc..

On Friday on November 24. 2006 the Nansen Center celebrated its 20 years anniversary with an international scientific colloquium at Marineholmen.

The program for the day included the inauguration of the “Nansen Scientific Society” which “vision is that education and research within global environment and climate problems for young people from different countries and cultures, will provide a foundation for greater understanding and co-existence in the word - in the spirit of Nansen”. The foundation is founded by the Nansen Center, Trond Mohn and the G.C. Rieber Fondene.

The Nansen Center is also focused on communication of research results and an agreement between the G. C. Rieber Fondene and G. C. Rieber Climate Institute at the Nansen Center support the new VILVITE Bergen Science Centre was signed.

Director Ola M. Johannessen opened the international scientific colloquium presenting the activities of the Center since 1986 to it received the EU Descartes prize in Earth Sciences. The program also included high lists from international visitors and the research leaders of the Center.

The Nansen Center´s vision is to make a significant contribution to the understanding, monitoring and forecasting of the world’s environment and climate on regional and global scales.
Main research focus areas are:
• Climate understanding - its variability and change
• Global ocean studies and ocean forecasting
• Development and use of satellite based methods for marine studies
• Satellite monitoring of global environment and climate
• Wind energy mapping in coastal areas
• Socio-economic impact of global change

The scientists and Ph.D. students at the Center have through its 20 years contributed to the international research within environmental and climate research issues, by publishing 343 referee publications including 11 publications in “Science and “Nature” and nine scientific books. 23 Ph.D. candidates have completed their doctoral dissertation at the University of Bergen after working at the Center and 33 master students have got their supervision at the Center.

The Nansen Center has also taken the initiative to establish sister organizations in St. Petersburg (1992), Cochin in India (1998) and Beijing (2003). These centers are responsible for 22 Doctoral dissertations and four Master exams. Currently the “Nansen Group” employs about 150 staff members, including 50 Ph.D. candidates.

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