Nansen Centers scientists moderates dicussions on "The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue or confrontation?"

Stefan Muckenhuber (left) and Ivan Ruzhov at the Petersburger Dialog Youth Forum in Moscow.


The Petersburger Dialog is a German-Russian discussion forum that promotes the understanding and open dialogue between many sectors of both countries. The Youth Forum of the event is taking place these days in Moscow (4-9 October). About 100 students and professionals are meeting to discuss current issues of bilateral cooperation and develop new ideas and proposals to strengthen the relations between Russia and Germany. The Petersburger Dialog Youth Forum will give important input for the Petersbuger Dialog between Merkel and Putin in Potsdam on 22-23 of October this year.

PhD. candidates Stefan Muckenhuber (Nansen Center (NERSC) in Bergen) and Ivan Ryzhov (Nansen Fellowship Candidate at Nansen International Center (NIERSC) and Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) in St. Petersburg) are currently in Moscow to moderate the discussion group on Science, Education and Economy. The two PhD candiadates are invited to leads the discussion in a group of about 25 participants with the goal to come up with suggestions for further strengthening the bilateral cooperation. This year's topic for the discussions is The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue or confrontation?, which will raise questions about the possibility of reaching a consensus between the scientific community and business on the conservation of the natural environment of the Arctic and the elimination of the environmental impacts of business function in conditions of ever-increasing economic activity. Stefan Muckenhuber was also invited to give an expert lecture on Sea ice observations from space.

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