Nansen Center new Network Partner in the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce

The Nansen Center joins partnership with companies and organisations in the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC).


The NBCC is an independent non-profit organisation that was founded in 1906 in London. It is the only Norwegian business network with a national reach throughout both countries. One of their honorary members from the start was our namesake, Fridtjof Nansen, who was the first Norwegian ambassador to London. The mission of the NBCC is to promote trade, investment, and commercial activities between Norway and the UK, as well as providing professional and social arenas for businesspeople. 

More than 100 companies from Norway and Great Britain are members of the NBCC, covering a wide range of sectors such as energy, shipping, finance, tourism, and more. The NBCC’s network partners are business companies, regional business associations and clusters, and various governmental or non-governmental organisations. 

“Being a Network Partner in the NBCC means that the Nansen Center gets access to a network of companies doing business in the North Sea region. We are able to promote our world-leading skills and competence in areas such as remote sensing, operational oceanography, and climate forecasts, to mention a few, competence that I am sure will be of interest to those companies that are leading the way in the transition towards a more sustainable society”, says Tore Furevik, director of the Nansen Center.

Kyrre Haugen, General Manager of the Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce, is also thrilled about the possibilities the new partnership opens for. “The NBCC is delighted to welcome the Nansen Center as a partner. We look forward to a future of successful collaboration and believe that our combined efforts will – in the spirit of the great Fridtjof Nansen – allow us to explore new territories and advance the interests of our existing and prospective members, in both Norway and Britain”, he says.

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