Minister of research and higher education visited the Nansen Center

The Norwegian Minister of research and higher education Tora Aasland visited the Nansen Center to day after she had opened “Forskningsdagene” here in Bergen.

Prof. Ola M. Johannessen informed the Minister about new research results and observations on studies of the Greenland ice sheet melting and accumulation. Director Stein Sandven informed about the national and international research activities of the Center, including its role in pioneering Norwegian marine and polar satellite Earth observations since the 1980ties and its current Arctic and global ocean and climate research activities.

In 2008 Tora Aasland visited the Nansen-Zhu Center in Beijing and she was further informed about the international research cooperation within the Nansen Group of research centers also established in St. Peterburg, Cochin (India) and Cape Town.

Photo from right; Minister of research and higher Education Tora Aasland, Executive chairman of the Board Prof. Ola M. Johannessen, Director international cooperation Lasse H. Pettersson, Vice-director Prof. Johnny A. Johannessen, Director Prof. Stein Sandven, Director of administration Bente E. Johannessen and Advisor Hanne Monclair, Ministry of Education and Research.

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