Interview with Prof. Edward Hanna

Regularly we have interesting guests visiting us. They are giving lectures for our researchers, sharing their research and knowledge. Last week Prof. Edward Hanna visited us and we asked him a couple of questions regarding heatwaves in Europe, sea-level change and global climate model predictions.

Prof. Edward Hanna from the University of Lincoln in UK has extensive experience working on ice sheet mass balance and interactions with climate change and public understanding of science, especially in meteorology. He has published around 120 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals, which have attracted around 6,300 citations and a H index of 42 according to Google Scholar (August 2018). He has contributed as a lead author to many Arctic Report Cards of the US National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and as a contributing author to the IPCC 2013 Fifth Assessment Report. His current research activities, joint with Prof. James Overland and Prof. Jennifer Francis, have significantly contributed to the investigation of possible links between Arctic amplification and the occurrence of extreme weather in the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes. 

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