Gore - Gahr Støre report; "Melting snow and ice, a call for action"

Above links and debate is related to the below press release from the Nansen Center on December 15th:

The report prepared by the Norwegian Polar Institute after a "closed" conference in April 2009, is superficial. The authors, according to Gahr Støre are “world leading scientists”, refer to few published work and often to themselves. For example, the ice chapter has only10 published articles - of which only 8 deal with the ice in Arctic and two the ice in Antarctic. Of the 8 articles just 4 of them refer to articles written by 2 of the 5 authors. Other important and published articles are not mentioned.

Several statements in the ice chapter are incorrect. In the introduction (page 34) it says ""Sea ice extent in the Arctic has shrunk by almost 40% since 1979", the correct numbers is 4,1% per decade or 12,3% since 1979 - not 40%. 4,1% per decade comes from the Nansen Center ice information system; arctic-roos.org.

Furthermore, it is not mentioned that the ice extension has great natural variability. In the period 1915-1935 for example, during the natural warming of the Arctic, the ice decreased 0.6 mill km2 while in the summer of 1996 the ice increased with 1.6 mill km2 - caused by the North Atlantic Oscillation. The connection between the increase in CO2 and decrease in the ice spreading is not mentioned either - see for example Johannessen 2008 (enclosed).

The chapter about the Greenland ice sheet has also few references, only 7 articles, which are referred to by the authors - this is not good enough. Regarding the increase of the ocean level Gore and Gahr Støre have over-interpreted the report. They say that the ocean level will increase with 1 to 2 m. The highest value that is mentioned in the report is in the range of 0.5m - 1.5m and with great uncertainty with regard to the increase of 1.5m in this century.

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