Geir Evensen receives the IOR award 2020 for his outstanding work on ensemble methods

He is awarded for his work based on the Ensemble Kalman Filter he developed as PhD candidate at NERSC in the 90’s and improved ever since. This data assimilation technique has found its way into various scientific applications.

Geir Evensen: Photo: NORCEGeir Evensen: Photo: NORCE

On September 1st, Geir Evensen received the IOR award 2020 in recognition of his outstanding work on ensemble methods applied in offshore reservoir modelling. Geir has put Norway on the world map by implementing this new advanced data assimilation technique, the Ensemble Kalman Filter. Since he first introduced this technique during his PhD studies at NERSC in the early 90’s, he has further developed the method and extended its applicability. It has, for instance, been applied for a number of years in the ocean and sea ice modelling and forecasting system (TOPAZ) run at NERSC. Today, this system is used operationally for the Arctic forecasting and reanalysis within the European Copernicus Marine Services program as well as in the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model (NorCPM) run at the Bjerknes Center Climate Prediction Unit.

We congratulate you, Geir, on winning this award!

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