Doctor of Science dissertation at NIERSC

On September 30 Dr. Vitaly Alexandrov at Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre (NIERSC) in St. Petersburg successfully defended his Doctor of Sciences thesis in Oceanography. The title of his thesis is "Satellite radar monitoring of the Arctic sea ice".

The defense was carried out at the Scientific Council of Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, headed by Dr. I. Frolov. The official opponents were Professor G.A. Lebedev (AARI), Professor V.I. Binenko (Center of Ecological Safety of RAS/State Russian Hydrometeorological University), and Professor A.V. Marchenko (Institute of General Physics of RAS/UNIS). The Leading organization was Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTsOMZ) of ROSCOSMOS.

The presentation lasted 30 minutes and dealt with the theoretical foundations of SAR imaging, interpretation and automated thematic processing of SAR data, composite analysis of satellite images in different spectral bands, use of SAR data for studies of sea ice conditions, climate, and for supporting navigation in the ice, as well as the future perspectives of sea ice monitoring in the Arctic.

More than 10 positive reviews of the thesis were obtained from leading Russian scientific institutions in the field of oceanography and remote sensing. In their speeches several leading scientists approved the thesis after discussion on the topics under the study. After the voting of 15 pro and zero against, the Scientific Council of AARI approved the thesis and compiled a recommendation for the Higher Certifying Commission of the Russian Ministry of Science Education to give Dr. Vitaly Alexandrov a qualification of Doctor of Physic-Mathematical Sciences.

Congratulations to Vitaly!!

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