Copernicus Marine Forecasting Services at NorShipping Fair

The Copernicus Arctic Marine Forecasting Center (Arctic MFC) provides operational forecasts of ocean currents, temperature, salinity, primary production, sea ice and waves out to 10 days ahead as well as reanalyses over the past 25 years. The Nansen Center and Arctic MFC service will participate and be presented at NorShipping Fair in Oslo/ Lillestrøm, Norway from May 30th to June 2nd.

The Arctic MFC lead by Nansen Center in collaboration with MET Norway and the Institute of Marine Research. Their forecast and reanalysis services rely heavily on the research carried out by the three partners in ocean physical modeling, ecosystem modeling, sea ice modeling and data assimilation and follows directly from the European project MyOcean. In particularly, the TOPAZ system is at the core of the service, it uses the HYCOM model coupled to the ECOSMO ecosystem model, and the Ensemble Kalman Filter for assimilating different satellite and in-situ measurements.

Mercator Ocean, in cooperation with The Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center is organizing an exhibition presenting the European Copernicus Marine Environmental Services (CMEMS) at NorShipping 2017. During this event the first CMEMS user and training workshop will be organized. The 2-days Workshop will present the operational ocean information products covering the Arctic Ocean and Baltic Sea to the shipping industry and other stakeholders. The workshop is open to current or potential future users either providing value-added services or being end-users within  research or business.


The first CMEMS user & training workshop is dedicated to the Arctic Ocean and Baltic Sea will be hosted at Thon Hotel Arena at Lillestrøm during NorShipping fair. The workshop is divided into two parts: 

 Copernicus Marine Service, WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR USERS? (9am to 4 pm at Nord-Norge meeting room)

Presentation of the EU Copernicus Programme and the Copernicus Marine Service activities (Organization, online catalogue, products in the Arctic Ocean and Baltic Seas, the latest Copernicus Marine Service Waves forecasts, Service Desk support to users).

Concrete Use-cases illustrating Copernicus data added value in several areas of benefits related to the Arctic Ocean and Baltic Seas will be presented.


 Copernicus Marine Service, WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR USERS? (9am to 4pm at Akershus and Hordaland 1&2 meeting rooms)

Practical modules of 1 to 2 hours each will be repeated several times during the day:

Basic elements and methods of operational oceanography with regard to the Copernicus Marine Service data & products in the Arctic Ocean and Baltic Sea including observational data (in situ, sea ice and wind, sea level observational data) or model forecasts and simulation products. The workshop will address how to access data? how to use data in my domain of application? How to generate scripts etc. for routine use of the services.

There is no participation/registration fee for participation at this workshop. Participants must however cover their own travel, accommodation and other expenses. Participants who are interested in hands-on training should bring their own PCs, and should register as users of the CMEMS web portal.


Furter details and registration is done here.

Registration deadline: Fri, 26 May 2017

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