The book "The Nordic Seas - An Integrated Perspective" is now in press and will be available from July 2005.

The Nordic Seas comprise a small area of the world's oceans but contribute greatly to key climate processes and variations in the Northern Hemisphere and across the globe. As the site of the largest positive temperature anomaly among all the world's oceans, the Nordic Seas also allow scientists a place for research rich in detail, diversity, and implication. This book, the first of its kind in two decades, presents new perspectives, models, and observations on the oceanograpy, paleoceanography, meteorology, and biochemistry associated with the Norwegian Sea, Iceland Sea, and Greenland Sea - the bodies of water the region comprises.

Scientists, researchers, and students of Physical Oceanography, Atmospheric Physics, Climatology, and Marine Geology and Geophysics will find this work an integrated resource in our evolving view of the history, present conditions, and future character of the Nordic Seas and related global phenomena.

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