Annual Reports for 2008 from the Nansen Group

Our strategy of creating “small Nansen Centers” in several countries in a north-south direction seems so far to be a fruitful adventure. Many important papers dealing with ocean processes and climate issues have been published in international referee journals – including Science and Nature – and can be taken as a prove for this. Furthermore creating a setting for students and young scientists from different nations and different cultures to work with each other over extended period of time, is a small “drop in the ocean” to improve international cooperation in a complex world - in the spirit of Fridtjof Nansen.

Read more about the resent activities in the Nansen Group in the annual reports for 2008 from:

• The Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) in Bergen, Norway,

• The Nansen International Environ-mental and Remote Sensing Centre (NIERSC) in St. Petersburg, Russia,

• The Nansen Environmental Research Centre – India (NERCI) in Cochin, India,

• The Nansen-Zhu International Research Centre in Beijing , China.

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