Annual report for 2006

Our human resources and expertise are the capital of the Center and by the end of 2006 the Nansen Center employed a staff of 64 persons from 14 nations - including nine in adjunct positions.
The project income for 2006 was mainly from the Research Council of Norway, the European Commission (EU), European Space Agency, oil companies, the Norwegian Space Center and INTAS. Substantial financial supports have been received from G.C. Rieber Funds and Frank Mohn ASA by Trond Mohn. By the end of 2006, the Nansen Center participated in 14 EU projects and co-ordinated four of these projects.
28 papers were published in international referee journals, two books, two book contibutions, eight articles in conference reports, 10 technical reports, four popular science articles - totally 54 publications in 2006.
The Nansen Center was founded during the autumn of 1986, and the 20tth years anniversary was celebrated on November 26th with a scientific colloquium. The colloquium started with the inauguration of ”The Nansen Scientific Society” by Marit Greve and Eigil Nansen – both Fridtjof Nansens grandchildren. The vision is that research and education of young people from different countries and cultures will help to build a foundation for better understanding and co-existence between people – “in the spirit of Fridtjof Nansen”. The Society will be “the parent organization” for all the Nansen Centers in Norway, Russia, China and India – and possible future Centers in other parts of the world.
More information about our activities during the last 20 years is found in the annual report at;

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