Acoustic and Oceanography

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Smart Ocean 2021 survey cruise with KV Tor

11 students and researchers from NERSC and the University of Bergen participated in a 3-day cruise to Bjørnafjorden south of Bergen and the surrounding area, with the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel KV Tor. The cruise was a part of the SFI Smart Ocean project preparing for a mesoscale observing system using acoustic technology.


Researchers and students working together to collect observations of the ocean and Arctic sea ice

In June, our Acoustic and Oceanography Group organized a research cruise onboard the Norwegian Coast Guard Vessel KV Svalbard. Students and experienced scientists worked side by side to collect sea-ice and oceanographic data. Engagement and involvement are essential to train the new generation of scientists in conducting Arctic field work. 


Astrid Stallemo

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Research Assistent/Forskningsassistent

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Acoustic and Oceanography
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Research Assistant

All moorings in the Beaufort Sea rescued – under extreme conditions

The mission to rescue moorings in the Beaufort Sea that had to be planned on short notice, has succeeded! All three moorings hold scientific instruments and data recorded for the CAATEX project since September 2019. They have been picked up by Hanne Sagen, her team, and the KV Svalbard crew under extremely harsh Arctic conditions.


Rescuing important ocean climate observations for the Coordinated Arctic Acoustic Thermometry Experiment (CAATEX)

Once again, the ice breaker KV Svalbard has set course for the Arctic Ocean. Onboard are NERSC researchers Hanne Sagen and Espen Storheim who plan to retrieve equipment from the CAATEX-project to prevent data loss. This mission was planned on short notice – exceptional circumstances made it necessary. 


FyB: Float Your Boat

Float Your Boat vil sette ut 400 trebåter på sjøisen i Arktis for å følge deres bevegelser med vind og havstrømmer fra Polhavet og ut i det Nordiskehavet som en del av skoleundervisning i naturfag.

Formålet med aktiviteten er å øke forståelsen for klimaprosesser, Arktis og betydningen av forskning gjennom aktiv involvering av skoleelever. Prosjektet er basert på Nansensenterets pågående aktivitet i havet nord for Svalbard.

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Hanne Sagen
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Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
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2020 summer research school cruise: Useful Arctic Knowledge

In June, ten MSc students from the University of Bergen and the Western Norway University of Applied Science embarked on the coast guard vessel KV Svalbard to participate in the research school cruise near Svalbard, led by the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center. Their goal was to get hands-on experience during a scientific cruise in the Arctic.



Who were the participants?

CAATEX 2020 research cruise: Measuring the Arctic Ocean temperature below sea ice with sound

At this moment, the Norwegian Coast Guard icebreaker KV Svalbard is on a scientific expedition on the central Arctic Ocean with eleven scientists from different Norwegian and European institutions. Demanding operations are carried out to recover deep-water moorings deployed last summer. The moorings carry instruments to observe the ocean temperatures, salinity, ‘ocean sound’, carbon dioxide, and currents below the Arctic sea ice for one year. All this to calculate the ocean temperature below the sea ice. 

Emilia B. Van den Bergh

Van den Bergh
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Acoustic and Oceanography
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Hu Siwei

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Research Groups: 
Acoustic and Oceanography
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